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  • Expansion Joint Filler – standard, custom & OEM commercial-grade expansion joint fillers for buildings, windows, concrete, commercial construction, automotive use, HVAC and other business usages
  • Silicone Caulk – we produce industry standard, OEM and custom caulk applications for construction, assembly and manufacturing – custom formulations per your company’s specifications can be produced on site at our facilities in St. Louis
  • Silicone Products – we produce a wide range of silicone products, sealants, tapes, pumpables, extrudables, and other products for industry, manufacturing, HVAC assembly or repair, commercial refrigeration products, metal building seam sealants, automotive uses, heavy truck and bus bodies – the uses are nearly limitless
  • Technical Data Sheet – deVan Sealants manufactures standard, custom and OEM chemicals, sealants, adhesives, tapes and other products; all products meet ISO and industry standards; we provide technical and safety data sheets for all products; our products are safe and non-hazardous under normal storage and use conditions
  • Window Caulking – custom, OEM and standard caulking formulations for general construction, pre-fab metal building construction, windshields and other applications – all manufactured locally in St. Louis

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