deVan Sealants, Inc., is an OEM manufacturer for industrial sealants used in grain bins. Our sealants can be made to a number of unique specifications depending on the application of the product. Our sealants are effective in protecting the contents of grain bins from the elements in any climate. We supply many manufacturing, industrial, and agricultural clients with superior quality sealants, designed to prevent leaks and maintain their integrity for many years.

Grain Bin Sealants

We offer a variety of industrial sealants for use in grain bins. Some of our products most commonly used in grain bins include:

  • deVan 545C.11, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 561.12, Preformed Butyl Sealant
  • deVan 581.12, Butyl Tape

deVan produces a wide variety of sealants and butyl products for use in grain bins and agricultural applications. We also produce sealants for general industrial purposes as well as many other uses, all in an environment that enforces stringent safety and quality control measures. Contact deVan Sealants for more information on tapes, adhesives, and sealant products.

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