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DeVan Sealants is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of industrial strength, commercial grade sealants, including butyl glazing tape for windows and other glass installation. With a variety of adhesives for the construction and automotive industries, we can provide the necessary bonding agents for almost any project. When you need reliable sealants for any kind of glass installation, contact deVan Sealants for affordable butyl glazing tapes that are safe and long lasting.

Our compound High Strength Butyl Glazing Tape is great for commercial windows, automotive windshields, and more. We specialize in business-to-business manufacturing and sales, and bulk orders are always welcome. When you contact us, we can schedule a consultation about your business’s specific needs and create a customized order and give you a fair quote.

For more information on our glazing tape, review our manufacturer’s safety data sheets.

Count on Safe, Durable Butyl Glazing Tapes & Sealants

As a leader in the industry, deVan Sealants has been the leading St. Louis supplier of high-quality adhesives, butyl glazing tape, butyl sealants, and other industrial materials since 1949. Our reputation of producing durable, non-toxic, non-hazardous sealants has garnered us business with companies all over the country. When you trust deVan Sealants with your industrial adhesive order, you can count on receiving a product that will not only get the job done but that also meets and exceeds stringent industry guidelines and standards. As one of the oldest and most reliable suppliers of quality adhesives, deVan Sealants is the only place to go when you need long-lasting industrial materials.

Because we manufacture our butyl glazing tapes, industrial sealants, and other adhesives right here in St. Louis, you can have complete confidence in the products we make and the rigorous production standards we adhere to. We are committed to producing safe and durable adhesives that exceed our customers’ expectations. Contact deVan Sealants today!


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