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Butyl mastic is a highly viscous industrial sealant. As a tape, butyl sealants adhere to most materials creating a watertight bond. The butyl mastic sealant is applied by hand directly from the roll onto clean, dry, grease-free surfaces. The butyl mastic strip is supplied on a roll with a release paper for easy application and storage, and roll lengths can be converted to your requirements subject to minimum quantities.

Outstanding Properties

The outstanding properties that Butyl mastic sealant offers are:

  • Sealant with adhesive properties
  • Service temperature ranges from – 40°C to + 90°C
  • Non-hardening, permanently elastic
  • Excellent joint movement
  • Extremely durable
  • No fumes, solvent free
  • Includes release paper

Many Applications

Black mastic sealant tape, butyl mastic sealant, mastic caulk, mastic putty and hot melt mastic can be used for many applications and in many industries, such as a:

  • Electrical and Cable Jointing Sealant
  • Water and Pond Liner Sealant, Underlayments
  • Roofing and Cladding Sealant
  • Caravans, Motor Homes and Holiday Homes Sealant
  • Automotive Weather-Strip, Glass Trim and Membrane Liners Sealant
  • Ducting Sealant, HVAC Duct Sealer

Standard, OEM & Custom Formulations

If you have a need for a butyl mastic sealant stock item, deVan Sealants manufactures this and many other standard butyl products. We can also custom create butyl mastic and other sealants based on your company’s formulations, or we can engineer any formula to meet your specifications. We have a wide range of Butyl-based products, including pumpables, extrudables and other sealant and adhesive products to meet the needs of automotive, manufacturing, HVAC, refrigeration, agribusiness, construction and other businesses involved in assembly or industrial manufacturing.


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