DeVan Sealants is an ISO 9001:2008 certified foam sealant manufacturer in St. Louis, Missouri. We make foam, foam sealants and foam stop compounds for the HVAC and refrigeration industries, construction, retail stores, grocery stores, institutions, schools, hospitals and manufacturing industries in the St. Louis metropolitan area, across the Midwest and throughout the world.

Our easy to apply liquid urethane foam sealant expands 200 to 300% and cures to a durable, hard, insulating foam sealant. It conforms to any shape to fill large cracks and crevices as well as serves as a deterrent for insects and rodents. It also forms a weather resistant bond on surfaces such as masonry, wood, metal, glass, tile and most plastics. In addition, it dries tack-free in 15 to 30 minutes; and depending on humidity, cures completely in 8 to 24 hours.

OEM Foam Sealants and Custom Formulations

We know your industry requires first-rate working machinery and parts to operate at full-force on a daily basis. If you need specialty manufactured goods, such as custom or OEM foam sealants (or other OEM sealants) to keep your machine running properly, our development and production team will work directly with your company to create the exact formulae you need. We also work directly with you to ensure your new formulations are produced as your own company-specific products and are shipped in bulk order.

Industry-Best Practices for Safe Foam Sealant Products

We use industry best practices in production, storage, and shipment of all our products. DeVan Sealants products are asbestos-free; and are non-hazardous and non-toxic under normal temperatures and storage conditions. We do caution that incorrectly used or erroneously stored industrial products can precipitate health issues, such as eye and skin irritations. Proper storage and handling instructions are included on every package. Our products are packaged per industry regulations and can be shipped to your business destination anywhere in the world.

DeVan Sealants offers insulating foam sealant products that are ideal for any business requiring commercial-grade, long-lasting sealants and adhesives. We offer great customer service and technical support. And look forward to serving your needs.


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