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Serving the commercial and industrial assembly industry for over 60 years deVan Sealants of St. Louis produces quality, industrial-grade insulating tape for assembly applications around the United States. Whether your business is in agribusiness, automotive, HVAC, manufacturing, construction, industrial or general repair work, we have the insulation tape for your needs. We use only industry-best practices in our standard, OEM and custom formulation production, storage & shipment.

B2B Insulating Tape Products

Our variety of insulating adhesive tapes, including cork insulation tape, elastic insulation tape, electrical insulating tape and more, offers a broad range of backings and adhesives to meet the requirements of different building, construction, electrical and refrigeration assembly applications. Providing excellent adhesion to all types of substrates and with its ease of application, our tapes are adaptable for most environments offering both heat-insulating and cold-insulating properties.

Under normal temperatures and storage conditions, our insulation tape is non-hazardous and non-toxic; and it meets industry-based ISO standards for development, production and manufacturing. We provide Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets (technical information on the chemical formulations used in deVan Sealants’ insulating tape manufacturing) as well as safety guidelines and regulations with each order. In addition, we offer technical support on all our products. You can count on deVan Sealants for all your industrial insulating tapes, sealants, caulks and more

If you need specialty, manufactured insulating tape products, such as custom cork insulation tape, our in-house product development team will work directly with your company to engineer the exact formula you need. We can also work directly with you to ensure your new formulations are produced as OEM products within your industry and are shipped in bulk order.


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