Silicone Products from deVan Sealants are used by a wide range of industries, manufacturing, construction and other business operations. DeVan Sealants, the leading industrial sealant manufacturer in St. Louis and the Midwest, produces standard formulations, OEM formulations and custom silicone product formulations based on original product specifications or your company’s specific requirements. We sell standard, OEM and custom formulations to a wide range of industries.

Attention to Detail

Known for our attention to detail, deVan Sealants works directly with companies’ requests for quality specialty silicone products. We offer a variety of standard formulations and can produce OEM or custom silicone products per your specifications. Our development and production team works directly with companies to produce the exact formulations needed. DeVan Sealants also works directly with companies in need of bulk orders or industry-specific products.

Safety Standards

We take safety and quality control seriously, and we use best-industry practices in production, storage, shipment, and provide all necessary information to B2B customers for safety. We want to make sure that any end-user of our products does so in a safe manner.

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