Our Industrial Adhesive Tape Feels Pressure on the Job

Adhesive tape is also known as Pressure Sensitive Tape (PSA), Stick Tape and Self Stick Tape. It does not require any other aid to activate it except for pressure. Once the tape is pressed against the desired item, the pressure on the adhesive tape will activate it and cause it to stick. In St. Louis, Missouri, deVan Sealants manufactures adhesive products in tapes, rolls and sheets.

Our industrial adhesive tape is used for a wide variety of purposes, such as joining thin or dissimilar objects; and is used commonly in automotive, assembly, construction, HVAC, retail, and manufacturing industries. The list of potential substrates ranges from glass, wood, cardboard, and rubber-to-steel, concrete, foam, polycarbonate, and just about any other material you can name.

deVan Sealants Products Are Manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri, and Shipped Worldwide

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B2B Standard, OEM and Custom Sealants Supplier

As a B2B supplier to a plethora of industries, we can provide standard, OEM, and custom-formulated commercial and industrial adhesive tapes to assist your company in its daily operations. DeVan Sealants’ development personnel can handle your requests for custom industrial adhesive tape formulae. Contact us with your company’s requirements for customized adhesive for your company’s applications

We can readily ship standard formulations in bulk orders and lot productions. We manufacture and ship silicone tapes, butyl tapes, putty tapes, vinyl tapes, foam tapes and other adhesive tapes as well as sealants, polyurethanes, urethanes, hot melts and many other industry-related products.

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Safety and Quality Control at deVan Sealants

We take safety and quality control seriously, and we use industry-best practices in production, storage, and shipment; and provide all necessary and important safety guideline information to B2B customers. We also provide SDS Sheets and Technical Data Sheets verifying that our products are non-hazardous and non-toxic; and meet Federal, State, and Local Laws and Ordinances for quality and safety.

Get the best adhesive tape products or other industrial products that you need for your commercial, assembly, construction, manufacturing, automotive or industrial projects. You can rely on deVan Sealants to supply your company’s requests with quality products that are delivered in a timely manner right to your industry’s door.

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