deVan Sealants Manufactures Commercial-Grade, Butyl Adhesive Tape

Durable Butyl Adhesive Tape (Butyl Rubber or Butyl Mastic Tape) Manufacturer

St. Louis-based deVan Sealants manufacturers a wide range of Butyl products. Products such as Butyl adhesive tape, Butyl rubber/Butyl mastic tape and/or sealants, and general Butyl sealants are available in a range of product formulations including Butyl-based products comprising pumpables, extrudables, sealants and adhesive tape engineered to meet the applications requirements of diverse industries. You will find Butyl adhesive tapes and sealants used in the automotive industry, manufacturing and assembly companies, HVAC manufacturing/assembly and repair sectors, refrigeration and air conditioning, agribusiness, construction, and many other businesses involved in general product assembly or even in heavy industrial manufacturing.

You can contact deVan Sealants direct in St. Louis for standardized products and formulations or to discuss custom product and chemical formulations. You may reach us at (314) 383-1941.

Butyl Adhesive Tape Offers Outstanding Performance for a Wide Range of Applications

Butyl adhesive tape (butyl mastic sealant tape) is general comprised of a highly viscous industrial sealant. As a tape, butyl sealants adhere to almost and materials substrate. One of the most important applications is for creating watertight bonds between similar or dissimilar substrates. Generally, Butyl-based adhesive sealant tape allows you to apply the sealant by hand directly from a roll onto any cleaned, dry, grease-free surface. A butyl mastic strip is usually supplied on a roll, frequently with a silicone release paper for easy usage and/or storage. Our roll lengths can be converted to your application and usage requirements subject to minimum quantities/purchases.

Some of the many outstanding properties that you expect from Butyl adhesive tapes, Butyl mastic sealants, black mastic sealant tape, Butyl mastic caulk, putty or Butyl hot melts include:

  • Durable bonding of similar and dissimilar substrates
  • Sealant with very durable adhesive properties
  • Durable bonds for applications in service temperature ranges from -40°C to +90°C
  • Non-hardening adhesive
  • Permanently elastic Butyl adhesive tape
  • Some applications are ideal and even excellent for applications involving joint movement
  • Extremely durable product with a wide range of applications
  • No fumes for the tape
  • Solvent-free adhesive tape
  • Butyl adhesive tape includes a silicone release paper

Butyl Adhesive Tape and Butyl-based Sealants Are Ideal for Diverse Applications

If your company is looking for a single adhesive tape for a wide range of usage applications, Butyl-based adhesive tapes are likely ideal. There are of course many different formulations and ways the product can be delivered for use. Black mastic sealant tape, general butyl mastic sealants, caulks, mastic putty and even hot melt mastics are useful many industries. Just a few industry applications of these products include diverse industries/market sectors and are ideal for other applications:

  • Agribusiness applications and equipment repairs
  • Automotive applications for cars, trucks, caravans, and other vehicles
  • Automotive weather strip applications, glass trim, windshields and various types of membrane liner sealant applications
  • General construction applications
  • Ducting sealant (construction, repairs and HVAC installations
  • Electrical and cable jointing sealants
  • Other HVAC installation and repair applications
  • Manufacturing and product assembly applications
  • Mobile home sealant applications
  • Outbuildings, sheds and small storage areas for windows, general seals and weatherproofing
  • Refrigeration, manufacturing and repair applications
  • Roofing, roof ventilation and ducting and cladding Sealant
  • Water-based applications, underlayments or even as pond liner sealants
  • Window frame sealants, glass trim and weather stripping
  • Many additional market sector applications
  • Learn more about industrial sealant/adhesive tapes

Request a quote on custom Butyl adhesive tape manufacturing or schedule a consultation for customer product formulations. You may contact deVan Sealants in St. Louis at (314) 383-1941.