Commercial Refrigeration Sealant from deVan Sealants

Commercial Refrigeration Sealant for Assembly, Installation and Repair

DeVan Sealants is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration sealant products in St. Louis. These refrigeration sealants are used in a variety of businesses from grocery and convenience stores, delicatessens, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, flower shops and other retail outlets to residential/commercial air conditioning uses and HVAC installation and repair work of commercial coolers, refrigeration systems and industrial HVAC equipment. They are basically used in any business or manufacturing entity which has refrigeration systems to keep products cold.

DeVan Sealants Manufactures in St. Louis and Ships throughout America

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Our Commercial-Grade Refrigeration Sealant Product Line Includes:

Coolers, Display Cases and Dispensing Units

  • deVan 310, Thermo mastic heat transfer
  • deVan 402T, Sound-deadening sealant
  • deVan 401, Bead cords
  • deVan 403, Freeze thaw thumbing sealant
  • deVan 404, Thumbing compound
  • deVan 407, Foam stop compound


  • deVan 241, Butyl rubber seal-pumpable

Refrigeration Cases

  • deVan 255, Premium Butyl rubber-pumpable

Other Refrigeration Sealants

  • deVan U582, Plastic sealers, Curable vacuum

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Our Sealants Are Non-Hazardous and Asbestos-Free

Maintaining our green footprint on the environment, our sealants are “asbestos-free” products; and they are non-hazardous under normal temperature ranges and storage conditions. At deVan Sealants, Inc., (an ISO-certified company), we adhere to all OSHA and ASTM guidelines, industry best practices and protocols in sealant production. (Review our industrial sealant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Technical Data Sheets for information on specific sealant and adhesive products.)

With deVan Sealants, you can get the quality, affordable, industrial-grade, commercial refrigeration sealant products that you need readily produced and shipped fast.

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