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Industrial adhesives from deVan Sealants are essential for a wide range of industries, manufacturing, construction and other business operations. DeVan Sealants produces standard or general formulations and OEM and custom formulae based on original product specifications or your company’s specific requirements. We manufacture and ship adhesives, sealants, polyurethanes, urethanes, silicones, tapes, putty, hot melt, foams, and many other sealant products nationwide.

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B2B Supplier for Industry and Manufacturing

As a B2B supplier of industrial adhesives and commercial-grade sealants, we know that every industry and manufacturer uses general and custom products during operations, manufacturing and assembly. DeVan Sealants works directly with companies in need of custom formulations, bulk orders or industry-specific products. We offer a variety of standard formulations and can produce OEM or custom industrial adhesives and sealants per your specifications. Our development and production team works directly with companies to produce the formulations needed for operations for:

  • Industrial Manufacturing – e.g. non-solvent sealants and adhesives, non-skinning pumpables, High XL, non-flow Butyl tapes, plastic sealers, floral tapes, curable vacuum, sealants, and many other types of adhesives
  • Manufacturing and Product Assemblyreview available adhesive and sealant products
  • Automotive Industry; Truck and Bus Bodies – windshields, windows and other parts of vehicles, frames and trailers (e.g. Butyl adhesives/sealants, pumpable urethanes, silicones Acetoxy, and Neutral Cure System products, windshield sealants, tapes); also sealants for vehicle windows or windows in metal frames/buildings
  • HVAC Assembly/Repair, and Refrigeration Product Manufacturing – adhesives, pumpable sealants, premium Butyl rubber-pumpable sealants, general adhesives, tapes; and other chemical formulations for product manufacturing and HVAC repair work of commercial and residential equipment; adhesives/sealants for commercial coolers, refrigeration units, display cases, refrigerated product dispensers (e.g. bead cords, Butyl rubber seal-pumpable, foam stop compound, plastic sealers, freeze thaw thumbing sealant, sound-deadening sealants, thermomastic heat transfer compounds, and thumbing compounds)
  • Construction/Metal Building Assembly – adhesives, caulks pumpables, extrudables, tapes, rolls, adhesives, and even die cut parts for their own manufacturing, construction, grain bin adhesives/sealants, urethanes, silicones, metal or galvanized steel building special construction sealants, steel building window sealants, metal primers, preformed Butyl sealant for use on metal, and for many other product specifications
  • Review Product Safety Data Sheets or Industrial Adhesives SDS

Non-Toxic Adhesive Formulations

All products and industrial adhesives produced at deVan Sealants are non-hazardous and non-toxic under normal temperatures and storage conditions. Although many products can precipitate health issues, eye irritations, etc., if improperly used or stored, we offer SDS on all formulations. We take safety and quality control seriously, and we use industry-best practices in production, storage, shipment, and provide all necessary information to B2B customers for safety. We want to make sure that any end-user of our products does so in a safe manner.

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