Cork Insulation Tape Is a Top-Quality Insulating Material

Cork Insulation Tape is a versatile product developed by the leading industrial adhesive, sealant, and tape manufacturer deVan Sealants of Saint Louis, MO, as an insulating material for the refrigeration and air conditioning industries to prevent condensation on cold pipes in air-conditioning systems, freezers, chillers, commercial refrigeration or wherever problems of condensation are encountered.

Cork Insulation Tapes provide an effective sound-deadening barrier and can be used as a gasket material. They have excellent adhesion to all types of substrates, and their ease of application makes them adaptable for all cold insulating and sound-deadening applications.

DeVan Sealants’ Insulation Tape Is Fabricated in Saint Louis and Shipped throughout America

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Easy to Apply, Safe, Non-Toxic Tapes and Materials

Insulation tape materials are designed for easy application by hand and will not harden, skin-over or lose flexibility. They, like all products from deVan Sealants, are not toxic or irritating to the skin under normal use, normal temperatures and storage conditions; our formulas are 100% asbestos free.

Technical Data Sheets and Customer Support

All of our products meet industry standards for development and production. We provide safety guidelines, regulations, Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets (technical information on the chemical formulations for particular insulation products manufactured by deVan Sealants) with each order. In addition, we offer technical support on all our products.

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Tape, Adhesives and Sealants Fabrication in Saint Louis

We offer a full product line of adhesives, sealants, pumpables, extrudables, tapes, caulks, and specialty products, such as die cut parts. If you need standard grade formulations, OEM formulations, or you require custom formulae for your insulation products, then contact deVan Sealants. We sell standard, OEM and custom industrial goods to a wide range of industries; and we ship nationwide.

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