Mastic Tape: A Simpler Sealant for HVAC & Refrigeration

Mastic Tape Makes HVAC Jobs Easy

If you have ever worked with mastic, you know that it is messy and often a pain to work with. That’s why, at deVan Sealants, we manufacture durable mastic tape that saves you time, money, and the hassle. Contact us when you need HVAC- and refrigeration-related sealants, and we will help you customize an order that will get the job done and done right. We offer comprehensive business-to-business solutions for our industrial clients, and bulk orders are always welcome.

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Commercial Grade Adhesives & Sealants

With heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration projects, it is important to have a good, tight seal to ensure safety and save on energy. Our industrial strength mastic tape works just like mastic but without the difficult application process. Our rigid production standards and stringent quality control process make our products the highest-quality, most durable adhesives in the industry. None of our sealants, adhesives, or tapes contain materials that are toxic or hazardous, and all meet and exceed industry standards. Review our manufacturer’s safety data sheets for additional information on the safety of our products.

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Mastic Tape from a Trusted OEM

Take advantage of our 60 years of experience in the commercial sealants industry. DeVan Sealants is a St. Louis based original equipment manufacturer that is committed to providing companies all over the country with commercial grade sealants they can depend on. All our products are manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri, and shipped directly to customers across the US and around the world. Contact deVan Sealants today to learn more about mastic tape and the other quality adhesives we produce. Schedule a consultation or request a quote from us to see how deVan Sealants can save you time, money, and energy on your next project.