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OEM sealant products are available directly from widely-known and high-respected commercial chemical sealants and adhesives manufacturer, deVan Sealants. Whether you need standard manufacturer OEM or custom formulated original equipment manufacturer sealants, deVan Sealants can provide the product for you.

DeVan Sealants manufactures and ships durable bonding agents such as from caulks, tapes, beads, pumpables, extrudables, and other industrial sealants and adhesives to meet manufacturing and industrial requirements. We serve HVAC installation/repair and refrigeration companies, automotive, agriculture, construction and a variety of other businesses throughout the country.

deVan Sealants Are Manufactured in St. Louis and Shipped across America. Contact deVan Sealants with Questions or to Place an Order – (314) 383-1941

Standard and Custom OEM Capabilities

As a B2B supplier of commercial-grade sealants, we are aware every industry and manufacturer uses standard OEM and custom sealant products during assembly, operations, and manufacturing. Our OEM industrial sealants are ideal for any business requiring commercial-grade, long-lasting sealants. We can provide standard OEM formulations to meet your company’s needs.

We are also capable of custom manufacturing OEM requested sealants based on your company’s formulations. Our development and production team can also work directly with your company to produce new formulae to meet your company’s specific requirements. We also provide MSDS Sheets and Technical Sheets on all formulae so their quality and safety are certified and guaranteed.

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Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic Products

All products manufactured at deVan Sealants are non-hazardous and non-toxic under normal temperatures and storage conditions. We use industry-best practices in production, storage, and shipment. We advise that health issues, such as eye irritations can result if the product is improperly used or stored, so proper storage and handling instructions are included on every package.

At deVan Sealants, we offer the finest OEM sealants and other industrial products available that you can rely on for commercial, assembly, manufacturing, construction, automotive or industrial use. We thrive on providing standard, OEM and custom sealants that can meet your company’s needs and requirements.

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