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We have the Sealant Tape that you need for your business. DeVan Sealants, a leading St. Louis area and Midwest commercial sealants manufacturer, has the Butyl Sealant Tape that you must have for your manufacturing, assembly, construction or other industry.

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Sealant Tape Description ­-

Sealant Tape is pressure sensitive extruded tape, used for sealing of roofs and sidewall seams of metal buildings, erection of curtain wall panels, channel glazing, truck and trailer bodies, sealing of ducts and chambers for air conditioning, shower doors, display cases, and as a compression tape behind the termination bar of a wall flashing…just to name a few purposes. It has permanent resilience and elongation characteristics with excellent adhesion to all metals, glass, plastics, concrete and other non-porous surfaces. Butyl Sealing Tape has a mild resistance to intermittent exposure to acids and alkalis. It will not withstand exposure to gasoline and oil. It has no effect on lacquer and painted surfaces or any effect on plastic or Plexiglas.

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If you need standard grade formulations, OEM formulations, or you require custom fabrication of your Butyl Sealants Tape products, then contact deVan Sealants. We sell OEM, standard and custom formulations to a wide range of industries

Of course, we meet or exceed all industry standards for all our products. We provide Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets (technical information on the chemical formulations for particular sealant products manufactured by deVan Sealants). Plus we offer technical support on all our products.

Butyl Sealants and Adhesives

DeVan Sealants offers Butyl sealant products and tapes for any business requiring commercial-grade, long-lasting sealants and adhesives. We manufacture standard Butyl Sealant Tape. In addition, we can custom manufacture Butyl sealant tapes based on your company’s formulations, or we can develop a perfect formula to meet your need.

Get the best Butyl-based sealant, adhesive or other product that you can rely on for commercial projects, assembly, construction, automotive uses or industrial use. DeVan Sealants can meet your company’s requirements and product specifications.

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