The Technical Data Sheet from deVan Sealants

The technical data sheet originated and provided on all standard, OEM, and custom formulations produced by ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, deVan Sealants of St. Louis, is a document summarizing the performance and other technical characteristics of our products. The technical data sheet is used for technical communication in describing technical characteristics of our product(s); and it is published to help assembly manufacturers to help store and use our product(s).

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The data sheet begins with an introductory page describing the rest of the document, followed by listings of specific characteristics, with further information on the connectivity of the devices. In cases where there is relevant source code to include, it is near the end of the document or separated into another file. Depending on the specific purpose, a data sheet may offer an average value, a typical value, a typical range, engineering tolerances, or a nominal value. The type and source of data are stated on the product data sheet.

Product Data Sheet Example

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Standard, OEM and Custom Formulations

From raw material to the finished products, we produce sealants, adhesives, tapes, caulks and more in-house. Our products are non-hazardous and non-toxic under normal temperatures and storage conditions; and they meet industry-based ISO standards for development and production. As standard, OEM, and custom industrial sealant and adhesive manufacturers, we provide Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets, as well as safety guidelines and regulations with each and every order. In addition, we offer technical support on all our OEM products. We have been providing industrial assembly and application products with datasheets for the automotive, agribusiness, HVAC, manufacturing, construction and industrial manufacturing and assembly industries for over 60 years.

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