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We produce window sealant products specifically manufactured for the automotive and construction industries. We formulate and carry auto windshield tape and sealants, caulking, silicone adhesives and tapes, Butyl back-bedding, Butyl back-bedding tape, high XL re-extrudables, trimables, Butyl sealant from spools, high strength glazing tape, Butyl corner pads and tape sealant, Urethane, back-bedding, greenhouse glazing, aluminum, vinyl, silicone, metal, and wood, foam tapes–all used in automotive and building industry window construction and repair.

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We are a B2B supplier to automotive (general automotive sealants and truck/bus body sealants), construction, manufacturing and other industries so we know the products you need for your business. We can supply standard window seal products; and we can custom formulate a window sealing adhesive or tape to meet your company’s exact specifications. Our personnel can handle your B2B requests for bulk orders and lot productions.

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Durable Manufacturing Sealants

We realize that the building industry and automotive assembly companies are always in need of durable window frame sealants, whether on the assembly line or at company dealerships; or at window manufacturing plants or on building sites. You simply cannot rely on “over-the-counter” solutions for automotive or window assembly and repair. We have the window sealants that you can rely upon. DeVan Sealants endeavors to supply automotive and construction industry clients with exceptionally durable window sealants, tapes and window-related products that solve their production, assembly or repair problems.

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Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous Sealants (Normal Storage Conditions)

Our quality products never include asbestos or related compounds; and we guarantee they are safe. All window sealants produced by deVan Sealants are non-toxic and non-hazardous under normal temperatures and storage conditions. All products and formulations have Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Technical Data Sheets; and instructions on proper storage, use and safety are included with each package. You can have confidence that our formulations meet or exceed federal, state or local laws and ordinances regulatory requirements.

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