Metal building sealants manufacturer, deVan Sealants, Inc. in St. Louis, MO, is a major supplier of sealant products to some of the largest metal building manufacturers in the US. Having served the local metropolitan hardware market, deVan Sealants produces exceptional, durable sealants for a variety of usages in differing market sectors including automotive, agriculture, construction, industrial use, manufacturing, and even retail hardware.

Our OEM industrial and commercial-grade sealants are designed to be reliable, consistent, and durable. Our company, deVan Sealants, Inc., follows ASTM manufacturing guidelines, OSHA standards, and our components are asbestos-free. Our products are non-toxic and non-hazardous under normal temperature ranges and conditions for storage and use. We maintain:

  • ISO9001:2015 certification
  • Membership in BlueScope Buildings North America’ “Zero Defect Program”

General Industrial Sealants for Metal Building Assembly

deVan Sealants, Inc. manufactures industrial sealants, caulks, and tapes of considerable strength, designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday and seasonal weathering over many years. These bonding agents are produced primarily for use with metal or steel buildings.

Rely on deVan Sealants, Inc., industrial sealants for:

  • Metal or steel building window sealants
  • Metal or galvanized steel building special construction sealants
  • Metal or steel building pumpable sealants
  • Primers for metal buildings
  • Preformed butyl sealant for metal buildings
  • Rubber seal non-skinning for metal buildings
  • Other industrial sealant products

Metal Building Sealant Products

Following is a product listing for metal buildings:

  • deVan Foam, Foam Tape
  • deVan 75AM, Pumpable Urethane Caulk
  • deVan 77AM, Pumpable Urethane Caulk
  • deVan 275.12, Pumpable Butyl Caulk
  • deVan 281C.12, Premium Butyl Rubber Seal-Non-Skinning Pumpable
  • deVan 520C.12, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 561.12, Preformed Butyl Sealant
  • deVan 562C.12, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 562.12, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 581.12, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 620, Hot Melt
  • deVan 820.11, Butyl Tape

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