deVan Sealants of St. Louis, MO, supplies the metropolitan area and companies nationwide as an OEM sealant manufacturer for industry, manufacturing companies, HVAC repairmen, commercial refrigeration products manufacturers, automotive, metal building construction companies, and many other types of businesses. Get the commercial-grade and industrial sealants that your business requires for daily operations.

OEM Industrial Strength Sealants

deVan Sealants can supply your company with OEM industrial sealants. We have products to serve a variety of applications and business markets. Some of our general industrial sealants include:

    • Bag Sealant – General purpose sealant
    • General Industrial – Non-solvent, non-skinning pumpable, High XL, non-flow butyl tape, plastic sealers, floral tape, curable vacuum
    • Hot Melt – Standing lock seam sealant
    • HVAC– Butyl rubber seal-pumpable
    • Window – Butyl back-bedding, butyl back-bedding tape, trimmable, high XL re-extrudable butyl sealant from spools, high strength glazing tape, butyl corner pads and tape sealant, back-bedding, greenhouse glazing, aluminum, vinyl, metal, and wood tapes.
    • Primers – Solvent base elastomeric, solvent base asphalt
    • Pumpable – Premium butyl rubber seal—non-skinning pumpable, very slight skinning standing seam butyl caulk—non-skinning, preformed butyl tape and beads for the pre-engineering building, butyl tape and beads, die cut closures, adhesion to all Kynar paint, and Galvalume. 100% solids and neutral cure systems
    • Special Construction – expansion joint sealer, low swellable butyl for casket, septic tank and sewer pipe applications

Bulk Ordering, Custom Formulae

Our personnel can handle your requests for bulk orders and standard or custom sealant formulae. We have our own formulae for the variety of OEM sealant products available from deVan Sealants. Contact us with your company’s requirements for bulk ordering and customized sealants for your company’s applications.

Review OEM Sealant Safety Data Sheets


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