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DeVan Sealants specializes in industrial sealant products for industrial, HVAC, manufacturing, automotive, construction or any other industries in America. For more than 60 years, deVan Sealants has supplied the St. Louis, MO, metropolitan market, the Midwest, and clients nationwide with the highest quality, durable, dependable industrial sealants as well as supply tapes, caulks, rolls, industrial adhesives, and other industry-specific products. So, we fully know the requirements of manufacturing, business & industry.

B2B Industrial Sealants Supplier for Industry & Manufacturing

As a B2B supplier, we know that every business–whether it is manufacturing or industrial–uses general and custom industrial products during their day-to-day operation. DeVan Sealants can provide standard formulations, bulk orders or industry-specific industrial sealant products needed by your business. We also work directly with your business if you need special, custom formulated, and OEM industrial sealants and other products. We will produce a product that meets your company’s formulation requirements.

Short List of Industrial Sealants We Manufacture

  • Automotive – Butyl rubber seal, windshield/window sealants, truck and bus body sealants
  • Bag Sealant – General purpose sealants
  • Coolers, Display Cases and Dispensing Units – Sound-deadening sealants and freeze-thaw thumbing sealants
  • General Industrial – Plastic sealers, polyurethane sealants
  • Grain Bin – Preformed Butyl sealants
  • Hot Melt – Standing lock seam sealants
  • Metal Building – Butyl rubber seals—non-skinning
  • Pumpable – Premium Butyl rubber seals—non-skinning pumpable
  • Special Construction – Expansion joint sealers, low swellable Butyl for casket, septic tank and sewer pipe applications
  • Truck and Bus Bodies – Butyl
  • Window – High XL re-extrudable Butyl sealants from spools and Butyl tape sealants

Industry-Safe Industrial Sealants

We use industry best practices in production, storage, and shipment. All our products manufactured at deVan Sealants are non-hazardous and non-toxic under normal temperatures and storage conditions but industrial products can precipitate health issues, such as eye irritations if improperly used or stored, so proper storage and handling instructions are included on every package. We also provide Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets on all formulations so their quality and safety are stipulated and guaranteed.


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