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We have the perfect high-performance industrial-grade refrigeration sealant products needed and used by your industry. Our company formulates and manufactures commercial refrigeration sealants for the industrial HVAC industries, construction, retail stores, grocery stores, institutions, schools, hospitals, office buildings and manufacturing industries in the St. Louis metropolitan area, across the Midwest and throughout the world.

Custom Refrigeration Sealant Formulations

If you require a manufacturer who can custom formulate your sealants or have need of custom colors, contact deVan Sealants. We will work directly with you using your company formulations or we can create original formulae to satisfy your company requirements. We meet or exceed all industry standards for standard or custom formulations for refrigerant sealants. We also provide Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets on all formulations so their quality is guaranteed.

Also, if you need our standard and OEM HVAC refrigeration or air conditioning refrigeration formulations, we have those in stock. Some of our refrigeration sealants are:

  • Coolers, Display Cases and Dispensing Units – deVan 310, Thermomastic heat transfer, deVan 402T, Sound-deadening sealant , deVan 401, Bead cords, deVan 403, Freeze-thaw thumbing sealant, deVan 404, Thumbing compound deVan 407
  • HVAC – deVan 241, Butyl rubber seal-pumpable
  • Refrigeration Cases – deVan 255, Premium Butyl rubber-pumpable

Meeting & Exceeding Industry Safety Standards

All of our commercial refrigeration products are asbestos-free. And they are non-hazardous and non-toxic under normal temperature ranges and storage protocols. At deVan Sealants, (an ISO-certified company), we adhere to all OSHA and ASTM guidelines in refrigeration sealant production. Also, we maintain rigorous, stringent safety protocols in the production of consistent quality for our various industrial sealants.

DeVan Sealants offers refrigeration sealant products that are ideal for any business requiring commercial-grade, long-lasting sealants and adhesives. We look forward to supplying you with the industrial sealant goods you need for your daily business operations.


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