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Our company, deVan Sealants, Inc., produces a variety of refrigeration sealants. These sealants are used in a variety of businesses from grocery stores to gas stations to residential & commercial air conditioning uses. Our sealants also include HVAC installation, repair work as well as general maintenance of air conditioners, commercial coolers & refrigeration cabinets for grocery stores, retail outlets, as well as for other chilling purposes.

Manufacturers, Construction Contractors, HVAC Repairmen

Get all of the sealant products and refrigeration sealants that your company needs for everyday work. We have sealants for metal buildings, roofing, agricultural use, windows, and other uses for general construction, “winterizing,” or just repairing air conditioners and other HVAC equipment. We have the production experience and customer service to assist your business. Whether you are in the St. Louis metropolitan area or anywhere else in the country, get all of the refrigeration and commercial sealants your business requires for daily operations from deVan Sealants, Inc.

Review our Industrial Sealant Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS), for information on specific sealants, and adhesive products. Our sealant products don’t contain any asbestos & our commercial sealants are non-hazardous under normal temperature ranges & storage protocols. As an ISO-certified company, we adhere to all OSHA & ASTM guidelines in sealant production. We also maintain rigorous, stringent safety protocols in the production of consistent quality in all of our various industrial sealants.

Refrigeration Cases, Coolers, Display Cases & Dispensing Units

We offer a variety of products for your commercial or manufacturing use. Some of our industrial sealants of refrigeration & air-cooling include:

  • deVan 255, Premium Butyl rubber-pumpable
  • deVan 310, Thermomastic heat transfer
  • deVan 401, Thumbing compound
  • deVan 402T, Sound-deadening thumbing compound
  • deVan 403, Freeze-thaw thumbing sealant
  • deVan 404, Thumbing compound
  • deVan 406.12, Thumbing compound

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