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DeVan Sealants produces industry standard, OEM and custom construction sealants especially for automotive use and construction industry applications and repair, including metal building construction, general building construction, and automotive windshield assembly as well as used in applications where only minor elastomeric properties are needed. Our caulk for windows has the following improved properties: compatibility, durability, elongation, joint movement, tooling time, tack free time and high/low temperature performance.

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Choose the Best Window Caulking

When choosing a window sealant, the reality is that many different products may work for any given application. The key to product selection is identifying the performance requirement and matching products that meet or exceed those requirements. Our window-sealing adhesives have been formulated specifically, and tested, to ensure the highest level of commercial-grade or industrial-grade quality and performance. When used with the wide variety of substrates in modern residential and commercial construction applications, including windows and doors, as well as windshield assembly applications, you can rely on quality sealants.

Our Line of Caulking and Sealant Products

We have a complete line of caulking and sealant products, including: auto windshield tape and sealants, silicone adhesives and tapes, Butyl back-bedding tape, high XL re-extrudables, trimables, Butyl sealant and tape, high strength glazing tape, Butyl corner pads, Urethane, back-bedding, and greenhouse glazing. In addition, we have aluminum, vinyl, silicone, metal and wood foam tapes. These products are all explicitly used in automotive and construction assembly applications and repair of windows and doors.

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Environmentally Friendly and Safe

Our quality window caulking products are environmentally friendly and never include asbestos or related compounds. All caulking produced by deVan Sealants are non-toxic and non-hazardous under normal temperatures and proper storage conditions. Our products have  Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Technical Data Sheets for every formulation; and instructions on proper storage, use and safety are included with each package. You can have confidence that our formulations meet or exceed federal, state or local laws and ordinances regulatory requirements. At deVan Sealants, we have the caulk and window sealants that you can rely upon.

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