As an OEM manufacturer for sealants used in many industrial applications, deVan Sealants, Inc.produces sealants for use in the manufacture of consumer appliances and refrigeration products. Butyl and thermal mastic sealant products are a crucial component in any refrigeration appliance, which makes choosing the manufacturer an important decision. Our durable sealants can be made in a range of styles and colors, and are non-toxic. We have the capabilities to produce a product to fit your unique specifications. Contact deVan Sealants, Inc. for more information about all of our appliance sealants.

Appliance Sealants and Butyl Tapes

Some of our sealants and butyl products for use in consumer appliances include:

  • deVan UT166.6, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 310, Pumpable Thermal Mastic
  • deVan 403.21, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 402T, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 404.2, 404.7, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 515.11, Butyl Tape

deVan produces a wide variety of sealants and butyl products for use in consumer appliances and other general industrial applications. Our products are of superior quality and are produced in an environment which employs rigorous safety and quality control protocols. Contact deVan for more information on our butyl and thermal mastic appliance sealant products.

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