deVan Sealants, Inc. is a major OEM sealant provider in St. Louis, MO. As one of the oldest commercial sealant manufacturers in the country, solar and photovoltaic (PV) installers all over the United States trust us as their sealant supplier. When you choose deVan Sealants, you not only receive reliable products that offer superior performance, but you also receive exceptional customer service. Contact us today!


Despite the advances made in solar and PV roofing materials, there is still a need for an assembly material that is strong yet lightweight and flexible enough to be installed over irregular surfaces. Here at deVan, we specialize in developing reliable adhesives for the solar industry that are simple to apply and safe to use which helps you complete your installs quickly and correctly.

Working beside mechanical fasteners, our instant-grab, butyl-based adhesive, deVan 800.11, is used as added protection in solar panel and PV assembly because it is an excellent water barrier and helps dampen vibrations. Our solar sealant provides significantly better adhesion to metal frames and helps improve the durability of solar frame components by providing protection from moisture, debris, harsh temperatures, and environmental attack as well as mechanical and thermal shock.

Some of the performance benefits of our butyl-based sealants, caulks, and tapes include:

  • Durable bonds for applications in -40° F to +194° F temperature ranges
  • Long-lasting bonding of similar and dissimilar materials
  • An adhesive that is non-hardening that offers continued pliability
  • Excellent for applications where there is expected vibrations or even joint movement
  • Extremely versatile product with a wide range of uses
  • Solvent-free adhesive tape
  • No fumes from the tape
View 800.11 Adhesive Safety Data Sheet Click Here


When it comes down to it, the solar sealants you use must work properly the first time and every time — reliable performance in high-pressure applications is just one of the benefits of our solar sealant solutions. We have rigorous production standards and we are constantly reviewing production methodologies in order to offer our clients sealants with even greater durability.

For waterproof solar sealants that you can count on, turn to deVan Sealants! Bulk lots or inventory stocking orders are always welcome.


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