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deVan Sealants, Inc. is an OEM sealant manufacturer in St. Louis, MO that offers a full product line to transportation industry clients worldwide. We manufacture innovative adhesives and sealants for the transport industry, including highly durable sealants, tapes, rolls, pumpables, and extrudables for car, bus, and truck bodies. Our formulations comply with the more rigorous requirements of commercial and industrial transport industries and are designed to improve production and performance!

From our years of experience, we use our extensive knowledge and expertise to develop innovative sealant solutions and continue to build our network of satisfied clients every day. We work with transportation industry clients that manufacture and assemble OEM transportation industry bodies including:

  • Cars / electric cars
  • Buses / electric buses
  • Commercial & industrial trucks
  • Public transport and touring vehicles

We can manufacturer your sealants in the bulk runs that you require. By choosing deVan Sealants, Inc. as your sealant supplier, you can rely on our products as well as our exceptional customer service. Contact us today!


Our products are easy to use and bond with many different materials. Our OEM sealants are suitable for various transport vehicle body assembly applications including:

  • Sealing interior and exterior parts, roofing, floors, panels, welds
  • Structural bonding of body parts, panels, roofing, and floor elements
  • Bonding and sealing windows
  • Coating floor elements


Maintaining or improving efficiency is deVan Sealants, Inc.’s primary focus. When it comes down to it, the industrial sealants you use must work properly the first time and every time — reliable performance in high-pressure applications is just one of the benefits of our commercial-grade sealant solutions.

We have rigorous production standards and we are constantly reviewing production methodologies in order to offer our clients sealants with even greater durability. You can trust our extensive industry expertise to help increase the overall efficiency, productivity, and quality of your electric cars, busses, and other transport vehicles.

Review Safety Data Sheets for Our Sealants


Some of deVan Sealants’ OEM manufactured, asbestos-free industrial sealants for the transportation industry include:

  • deVan UT166.6, UT166.6Y, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 269.7, 269.12, Pumpable Butyl Caulk
  • deVan 310, Thermal Mastic
  • deVan 515.11, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 535.2, Butyl Tape
  • deVan U579.2, U579.6, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 570.11, 570.12, 570.2, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 800.11, Road Reflector Adhesive
  • deVan 810.11, Road Reflector Adhesive

Custom colors and formulations are available for bulk orders. You can count on a professional-grade seal for your electric cars, busses, and other transport vehicles when you use our long-lasting and reliable bonding agents.

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