Durable, long-lasting, reliable, OEM truck and bus bodies sealants and other sealants, tapes, rolls, pumpables, and extrudables are used for general automotive assembly, and our formulations specifically for the more rigorous requirements of commercial and industrial buses and trucks guarantee a long-lasting, professional-grade seal. We manufacture butyl, pumpable urethanes, silicone, acetoxy and neutral cure system sealants for truck and bus bodies. If your company has specific sealant formulations for automotive uses, deVan Sealants can manufacturer your sealants in the bulk runs that you require. Review SDS specifications for sealants.

OEM Truck and Bus Bodies Sealants

Some of our industrial sealants of transportation include:

  • deVan UT166.6, UT166.6Y, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 269.7, 269.12, Pumpable Butyl Caulk
  • deVan 310, Thermal Mastic
  • deVan 515.11, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 535.2, Butyl Tape
  • deVan U579.2, U579.6, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 570.11, 570.12, 570.2, Butyl Tape
  • deVan 800.11, Road Reflector Adhesive
  • deVan 810.11, Road Reflector Adhesive

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