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Automotive sealants for a wide range of automotive assembly and repair are available to business customers direct from deVan Sealants in Saint Louis, Missouri. We produce a wide range of industrial chemical sealants and tapes for automobiles, truck and bus bodies, windshield installation/replacement, and for use in automotive assembly or automotive repair.

DeVan Sealants is a leading, local Saint Louis commercial sealants manufacturer, and we are known as one of the oldest sealants manufacturers in the country. We sell directly to the business-to-business (B2B) market in the metropolitan area; and customers from all over the Midwest and the United States are more than welcome to request in-stock sealants, or custom-fabricated sealants per your company’s specifications (of course, all products meet or exceed industry standards).

Commercial Chemical and Adhesive Sealants for the Automotive Industry

We realize that product chain suppliers and automotive assembly companies are always in need of durable automotive sealants, whether on the assembly line or at company dealerships or for repair shops everywhere. You cannot rely on “over-the-counter” solutions for automotive assembly or repair. You need adhesives and sealants that you can rely upon. DeVan Sealants makes every effort to supply automotive clients with exceedingly durable sealants and tapes that solve your production, assembly or repair problems. Learn about commercial-grade sealant products from deVan Sealants.

On the chance that we do not have the sealant you are looking for, then we can custom manufacture the commercial-grade sealants, adhesives or tapes that you need to finish the job.

Professional-Grade Truck and Bus Body Sealants

Truck and bus bodies require extremely durable automotive sealants that can withstand the rigorous uses of trucks, buses, tractor-trailers, commercial trucks and of course construction equipment. We have a variety of thoroughly tested sealants, bonding agents and adhesives that are professional-grade chemical formulations. We offer a wide range of automotive sealants SDS and adhesive SDS available. Of course, if you need a unique formulation to meet a specific need, then deVan Sealants is the custom fabricator/manufacturer of standard and OEM sealants that you can rely on to meet your needs.

Bulk lots or inventory stocking orders are always welcome.


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