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St. Louis-based, chemical, tape, adhesives and Butyl-based products manufacturer deVan Sealants engineers and produces a wide range of OEM and custom Butyl adhesive formulations. We manufacture Butyl-based products, other industrial sealants, tapes, adhesives while maintaining ISO 9001 certification standards at all times.

We offer industrial, manufacturing, assembly, construction/building, and repair business of all kinds a wide range of industrial-grade and commercial-grade Butyl adhesive products from standardized chemical formulations to custom formulations to meet very specific business requirements. We manufacture Butyl adhesive tape, Butyl rubber/Butyl mastic tape, general and custom Butyl sealants and other chemical formulations. Our products are engineered to meet the applications of quite diverse industries including weather-stripping products and water resistant formulations.

You may contact deVan Sealants direct in St. Louis for inventory stock purchases of standardized products, or for production runs of custom formulations to meet your specific needs and application requirements. You may call us at 314-383-1941.

Butyl Adhesive Products for a Wide Range of Uses

Butyl adhesive products are generally comprised of a highly viscous industrial sealant or adhesive either as a sealant, caulk, putty, tape or glue. Our butyl sealants are engineered to adhere to similar and dissimilar substrates. Butyl adhesives are one of the most reliable formulations for effecting water-resistant or watertight bonds between substrates. Generally, Butyl-based adhesives and sealants allow you to apply the product by hand directly from a roll or dispenser onto any clean, dry, and grease- or oil-free surface. A Butyl mastic strip is usually supplied for commercial usage on a roll of release paper that allows easy use and storage. Our roll lengths may be customized for specific applications subject to minimum quantities/purchases.

Some of the formulations of Butyl-based adhesives and sealants that deVan Sealants manufactures are available in, but not limited to, the following types:

  • Black mastic sealant tapes
  • Butyl adhesive tapes
  • Butyl back-beddings
  • Butyl back-bedding tapes
  • Butyl corner pads and tape sealants
  • Butyl extrudables
  • Butyl elastic compound tapes
  • Butyl flashing tapes
  • Butyl high XL
  • Butyl hot glues (available and recommended for applications in agriculture, automotive, construction, industrial, and manufacturing businesses)
  • Butyl hot melts
  • Butyl mastic sealants
  • Butyl mastic caulk
  • Butyl pumpables
  • Butyl putty
  • Butyl rubber pumpables
  • Butyl rubber sealants (variants include electrical and insulation tapes)
  • Butyl rubber seal (non-skinning)
  • Butyl sealants
  • Butyl tape and beads
  • Butyl tapes for metal substrate applications (metal buildings, grain bins and other applications)
  • Butyl trimables
  • Butyl plastic sealing tapes and re-extrudable variants
  • Butyl window sealant tapes
  • Heat curable Butyl sealant tapes
  • Low swellable Butyl (for caskets, septic tanks and sewer pipe applications)
  • Non-flow Butyl tapes
  • Preformed Butyl sealants
  • Preformed Butyl tapes and beads
  • Premium Butyl rubber seal (non-skinning pumpables)
  • Re-extrudable Butyl sealants from spools
  • Very slight skinning, standing seam butyl caulks (non-skinning)
  • Custom Butyl-based formulations (adhesives, caulk, mastic formulations, putty, sealants, tapes) engineered to specific, preferred client formulations
  • OEM Butyl-based products
  • And additional standardized and customer formulations for a variety of other applications

Committed to Creating Safe & Effective Butyl Adhesives

Our commitment to creating safe, non-toxic (when applicable or feasible depending on client requirements), and quality products are assured. Butyl-based adhesives and sealants manufactured at deVan Sealants are available in standard inventory lot production runs and B2B bulk orders of our Butyl-based products are always welcome!

Request a quote for Butyl adhesives or custom formulations manufacturing, or feel free to schedule a consultation about custom formulations for your particular business OEM requirements. Businesses are welcome to contact deVan Sealants in St. Louis at 314-383-1941.


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