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Get the butyl sealant products that you need for your business. DeVan Sealants, a leading St. Louis area commercial sealants manufacturer, has the products that you need for manufacturing, assembly, construction or other professions. DeVan Sealants is one of the leading chemical sealant and adhesive manufacturers in the Midwest, and we sell products throughout the United States.

Standard, OEM & Butyl Sealant Custom Formulations

Whether you need standard Butyl sealant formulations, OEM formulations, or you require a manufacturer that can custom fabricate your sealants and adhesives, then contact deVan Sealants. We meet or exceed all industry standards, and of course, for standard and non-standard or custom formulations, we provide MSDS (manufacturer’s safety data sheets) and technical support for use and application of our products.

National Sales, Local Manufacturing Butyl Sealants Supplier in Saint Louis

Whatever the need for a Butyl sealant, deVan Sealants manufactures standard butyl products as well as custom manufacture butyl & other sealants based on your company’s formulations. We have a wide range of butyl-based products, pumpables, extrudables & other adhesive products to meet the needs of industry, manufacturing, HVAC installation/repair & refrigeration companies, agri-business, construction & other businesses.

DeVan Sealants offers butyl sealant products that are ideal for any business requiring commercial-grade, long-lasting sealants & adhesives. Just a few applications of our Butyl-based products include:

  • General Industrial Usages – non-solvent, non-skinning pumpable, non-flow Butyl tapes, extrudables
  • Construction and Agrobusiness – preformed Butyl sealant (e.g. grain bin construction), Butyl rubber seal for metal buildings & special construction using Butyl expansion joint sealers
    • Low swellable Butyl for septic tank and sewer pipe applications
    • For windows Butyl – butyl back-bedding sealants, back-bedding tape (trimable), high XL re-extrudable butyl sealant from spools, high strength glazing tapes & butyl corner pads and tape sealants
    • Preformed butyl tapes & beads for pre-engineered buildings
  • HVAC/Refrigeration – premium Butyl rubber-pumpable & other Butyl products
  • Miscellaneous Uses/Automotive/Industrial/Manufacturing – Premium butyl rubber seals (non-skinning pumpable), slight skinning standing seam butyl caulk (or non-skinning), butyl tape & beads

Get the butyl-based sealant, adhesive or other product that you can rely on for commercial projects, assembly, construction, automotive uses or industrial use. DeVan Sealants can meet your company’s requirements and product specifications.


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