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At deVan Sealants, we have the gasket sealant you need for automotive and other industrial or manufacturing production requirements. In automotive assembly, a head gasket sealant is used to seal the engine block and cylinder head in an automobile engine. A sealant is applied to both sides of the head gasket to ensure that the small surface irregularities in each mating surface are filled and that the two surfaces seal properly when joined together. Our gasket sealant products are ideal for automotive, truck and bus body applications or other requirements for leak-tight gasket seals.

Pipe Gasket Sealant Applications

The construction industry uses plumbing and utility piping applications that have flanges that form a joint. These connections are made using gasket sealants to ensure a leak-tight seal. Threaded piping connections also use a gasket sealant to prevent leakage through the very small clearance areas between the threads. These are just a few of the uses for gasket sealant materials.

Custom, OEM & Standard Gasket Sealants Manufacturer

If you need custom and OEM gasket sealer formulae to meet the necessities of commercial industry production, we have onsite capabilities to develop formulae and then produce the amounts that your company requires. We can also use your company formulations to duplicate a formula to your exact specifications.

We also have standard formulations, bulk orders and lot productions of our commercial and industrial sealant products packaged and ready for delivery directly to your company.

All our formulations meet or exceed federal, state, and local laws and ordinances regulatory requirements. Our quality products do not contain asbestos or related compounds and are guaranteed to be safe. We take safety and quality control seriously; and we use industry-best practices in production, storage, and shipment of our high-temperature gasket sealant. We provide all necessary and important safety guideline information for use and storage of our products to our B2B customers. You can rely on deVan Sealants to supply your company with renowned, durable products.


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