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If you need special OEM door sealant for assembly, installation or repair, deVan Sealants can provide the standard OEM sealant product(s) formulations that you require. In addition, our product development teams can custom-formulate rubber door sealants based on your own product specifications or the original manufacturer’s product specs to meet your industrial application requirements.

Automotive, OEM Door Sealant Formulations

Used extensively in the automotive assembly industry, our automotive OEM door sealant provides a secure seal around the frame of the door and trunk of cars and trucks. The rubber element of the door seals can be molded directly to flat or curved surfaces to produce formidable weather-stripping to prevent road and wind noise and provide protection from dust, rain and snow leakage, thus making the vehicle both airtight and watertight. We also produce window sealants that are ideal for windshields.

Standard & Custom Sealant Formulations

Whatever your needs are for OEM door sealing products, the chemical engineers from deVan Sealants, your OEM sealants manufacturer, will work directly with your company to engineer the exact formula you need. Adhering to OSHA and ASTM guidelines, industry best practices, and protocols for door sealant production, our OEM sealants are non-hazardous under normal temperature ranges and storage conditions; and they are “asbestos-free” products, thereby leaving a “green” ecological footprint on the environment.

At deVan Sealants, we offer the finest OEM sealants and other industrial products that you can rely on for automotive as well as commercial, assembly, manufacturing, construction or industrial use. We specialize in providing OEM sealants as well as standard and custom sealants to meet your company’s needs and precise application requirements. Companies have depended on industrial sealants and adhesives from deVan Sealants for over 60 years.


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