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Refrigeration equipment sealants by deVan Sealants are designed to seal undetectable or inaccessible micro leaks in condensers, compressor racks, evaporators and piping of refrigerator, freezer, chillers, coolers, et al, from the inside out without any adverse effect on system components. Stopping refrigerant leaks by using a refrigeration sealant is not only profitable to a manufacturer’s bottom line, but it also saves energy and protects the environment from leaked refrigerants.

Tips for Using an Industrial Refrigeration Systems Sealant for Repair

  1. The system should leak no more than 14 percent of its charge over a four-week period in order for a sealant to be used. Leaks this size and larger can typically be found by using standard electronic and dye detection methods. However, if the leak is undetectable or inaccessible, an industrial-strength sealant can be successful with leaks of this magnitude or smaller.
  2. Moisture, acid and any other non-condensable liquids must be removed from the system prior to administering the sealant.
  3. Systems that have leaked over 17 percent of their total charge are probably contaminated. Refrigerant recovery is recommended for the purpose of drying, removing light particulates, and replacing suction and liquid line dryers (where required). Then the refrigerant can be reintroduced back into the system if deemed suitable by the technician.
  4. Systems under five tons should not exceed an application of one three-ounce can of sealant. Systems over five tons can receive two cans, but separated by a minimum 10-day period. During this intermediate time, system pressure and temperatures should be checked to evaluate the first application’s success before adding the second can.

Refrigeration Equipment Sealant Formulations

Refrigeration equipment sealants are engineered for refrigeration leaks that go undetected because of their small size and/or intermittent nature. If you can find the leak, fix it. If you cannot find it, then use a sealant for refrigeration equipment.

All sealants manufactured at deVan Sealants are non-hazardous and non-toxic under normal temperatures and storage conditions. We use industry-regulated practices in production, storage, and shipment; and we provide MSDS Sheets and Technical Sheets for all our products. At deVan Sealants, we offer the finest sealants and other industrial products available that you can rely on for commercial HVAC and refrigeration assembly and repair.


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