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Industrial sealants from DeVan Sealants are water sealant products or waterproofing sealant products. Whether you need a sound deafening sealant, freeze-thaw thumbing sealant, windshield sealant, vinyl window sealant, pumpable sealant, Butyl sealant, premium Butyl rubber-pumpable sealant, grain bin sealant, Butyl performed sealant to use on metal, steel building window sealant or a host of other sealants manufactured at deVan Sealants, they are all water sealer, water repellent & waterproof sealants!

B2B Industrial & Commercial-Grade Water Sealants

As a B2B supplier of industrial and commercial-grade water sealants, we know that every industry and manufacturer uses standard and custom products daily during company operations. At deVan Sealants, we stock a huge variety of standard and OEM formulations. And we also work directly with companies in need of custom formulations. We can reproduce your own company formulations or create formulae per your specifications to satisfy your company requests. We will also work with you to supply special bulk orders and industry-specific products.

We manufacture and supply industrial sealant products that your company needs for everyday work in assembly, construction, manufacturing, repairs and other business uses. We have sealants for metal buildings, roofing, agricultural use, windows, and other uses for general construction as well as for “winterizing” or just repairing air conditioners and other HVAC equipment.

Safe Water Sealant Products Under Normal Storage Conditions

Our water sealant products do not contain asbestos and are non-hazardous and non-toxic under normal temperature ranges and storage protocols. DeVan Sealants, Inc. is an ISO-certified company that adheres to all OSHA and ASTM guidelines in sealant production. We maintain rigorous and stringent safety protocols in the production of all of our various industrial sealants. Product storage and handling recommendations are included with every product.

DeVan Sealants offers water sealant products that are superb for any business requiring commercial-grade, long-lasting sealants and adhesives. We offer excellent customer service and technical support. And want to be of service to you for all your industrial sealant requirements.


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