Expansion Joint Filler Seals Joint Gaps

Expansion joint filler is a term used to describe a group of weatherproofing products intended for use as aesthetic or functional expansion joint sealer agents in gaps in concrete slabs, walkways, decks, bridges, and sidewalks, for instance. Expansion joint filler materials are chosen for their ability to absorb impact and expand or contract along with the rest of the structure without cracking or separating.

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Expansion Joints in Building/Construction

Expansion joints are generally joints or spaces left between slabs or construction elements of the same material to facilitate expansion and contraction due to changes in ambient temperatures. Although they serve their intended purpose well, they present several aesthetic and practical dilemmas. All of these issues may be addressed by inserting a joint sealant into the joint gap.

The material used for expansion joint fillers include low viscosity epoxy resins, silicone gels, and cork and woods such as southern yellow pine, redwood, or western cedar. Most liquid or gel sealants are self-leveling to ensure a flat, blemish free finish, and may be painted or colored to match the rest of the structure. Epoxy and silicone sealants also offer excellent moisture, dirt, and plant exclusion protection. Depending on the expansion joint profile in question, these sealants are used often in conjunction with a rubber or foam backing material inserted into the gap prior to sealing.

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Custom or OEM Expansion Joint Fillers

If you need specialty-manufactured goods, such as custom or OEM expansion joint butyl sealant, our product development team will work directly with your company to engineer the exact formula you need. We also work directly with you to ensure your new formulations are produced as company-specific products for your industry and are shipped in bulk order.

Expansion Joint Fillers and Products – Non-Hazardous Under Normal Storage

All deVan Sealants products are asbestos-free and non-toxic. Our manufactured products are non-hazardous under normal temperatures and storage conditions. However, working with industrial products can result in health issues, such as eye and skin irritations, if incorrectly used or stored. Proper storage and handling instructions are included on every package. Our products are properly packaged and can be shipped to your business destination anywhere in the USA or worldwide.

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