Superior Industrial Tape Is a Must for Every Industry

DeVan Sealants, a leading St. Louis area and Midwest commercial adhesives, sealants and tape manufacturer, has the industrial tape you need for your automotive, aerospace, nautical, manufacturing, military, HVAC, construction or other commercial industry applications.

DeVan Sealants’ Industrial Tape Is Made in St. Louis, Missouri, and Shipped across America

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Industrial Tape Adhesives for Almost Any Specification

Here are a few of the industrial adhesive tapes we offer:

  • Butyl Foam Tape – For use in automotive, industrial, construction, heating and air conditioning, recreational vehicle, electronics and medical field for sealing and weatherstripping purposes.
  • Butyl Glazing Tape – For use in sealing glazing, shower curtains, door dust covers and heating systems.
  • Butyl Putty Tape – For use under moldings; around windows, doors and vents.
  • Butyl Rubber Tape – For use in tire inner liners to provide inflation pressure retention for bicycle, truck, agricultural, industrial and specialty tires. Also used in metal buildings, curb mounts, RV roofs and other structures; and in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industries.
  • Butyl Sealant Tape – For use in construction, plumbing and automotive industries such as installing an aftermarket sunroof in an automobile. And also for use in adhering aluminum, glass, galvanized steel and many other porous and non-porous surfaces.

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  • Butyl Window Tape – For use in sealing auto windshields and other window products.
  • Extruded Tape – For use in sealing of roof and sidewalls of metal buildings.
  • Pressure Sensitive Tape (PSA Tape) – For use in the electrical, medical, and construction industries to bind to objects together and to prevent moisture from leaking through.
  • Silicone Tape – For use in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields as well as in the aerospace, nautical, electrical and military industries as a bonding tape.

As a B2B supplier, deVan Sealants can provide standard, OEM, and custom-formulated industrial tapes to assist your company in its daily operations. We can readily ship bulk and lot productions nationwide.

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