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Do you need a professional OEM sealant manufacturer? DeVan Sealants of St. Louis, MO, has been supplying OEM sealant products to automotive, HVAC, construction, industrial, and specialty market, assembly application manufacturers throughout the United States since 1956. We know sealants; and we provide quality standard and custom sealant products as well as original equipment manufacturing sealant products to our many customers: old and new – we just need the manufacturer’s specifications or exact product to replicate.

OEM Sealant Manufacturer, deVan Sealants, Manufactures in St. Louis and Ships throughout America

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If your business has equipment that needs sealants, you have three (3) choices: (1) buy new standard sealant, (2) buy completely new equipment rather than replace the sealant, or (3) buy OEM sealants. The first 2 choices are rather costly when compared to buying the 3rd choice – the OEM sealant.

The Advantages of Buying OEM Sealants Are:

1. Low Cost – OEM versions are usually sold at cost effective prices, making this an essential benefit of OEM.

2. High Quality Sealant – OEM manufacturers are very strict when selecting their raw material suppliers. The strict selection measures that OEM firms use result in the manufacture of very high quality sealants. This is done to make certain that there are no issues during production due to low-quality raw materials from suppliers.

3. Efficient Services – OEM companies are highly valued for their efficient services and this makes them quite popular in the manufacturing field.

4. Highly Professional – Reputable OEM firms, such as deVan Sealants, only deal with suppliers that are capable of keeping up with their demands. This enables timely production of the high quality products.

From raw material to the finished products, we produce OEM sealants ourselves. Our sealants are non-hazardous and non-toxic under normal temperatures and storage conditions; and it meets industry-based standards for development and production. As OEM suppliers, we provide Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets (technical information on the chemical formulations used deVan Sealants’ rubber tape manufacturing), and safety guidelines and regulations with each order. In addition, we offer technical support on all our OEM products. You can count on deVan Sealants for OEM sealants as well as OEM adhesives, tapes, caulks and more. We have been providing OEM products for almost 60 years.

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