Our Putty Tape Seals and Keeps on Sealing

We manufacture the putty tape you need for your industry. Located in Saint Louis, Missouri, deVan Sealants is an industry leader in creating and producing butyl putty tape for a variety of businesses, including automotive, assembly, construction, HVAC, refrigeration, manufacturing, and for repair applications.

deVan Sealants Products are Manufactured in St. Louis and Shipped Throughout the World

Water Sealant Tapes

Our pliable, tacky, non-hardening soft seal weatherstrip is used when installing moldings, windows, doors and vents. It waterproofs overlapping metal and seals around fasteners when they are inserted through the tape. In addition, it is safe for contact with EPDM rubber roofs because it does not leach petroleum residue. It has excellent sealing properties to metal, glass and plastic lap points. And this material increases in adhesion with age after application.

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Custom and OEM Putty Tape and Sealants Fabrication

We specialize in generating custom and OEM sealant tape formulae to meet the necessities of commercial industry production. We have onsite capabilities to develop formulae and then produce the amounts that your company requires. We can also use your company formulations to chemically engineer a custom formula to your exact specifications.

We do have standard formulations, bulk orders and lot productions of our seal tape products packaged and ready for delivery directly to your company.

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Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, Asbestos-Free Products

Products manufactured at deVan Sealants are asbestos-free. They are non-hazardous and non-toxic under normal temperatures and storage conditions while meeting industry standards for development and production. Safety guidelines and regulations are included with each order. We provide Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets (technical information on the chemical formulations for particular sealant products manufactured by deVan Sealants). Technical support is available for all our products.

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DeVan Sealants Works Directly with Customers

Get durable and dependable putty tape and other products that you can rely on for all your commercial projects directly from the leader in industrial sealant and adhesive products manufacturing, deVan Sealants. We will work you to be sure you receive the best products that you need for your industry. Additionally, we can produce your formulations or custom-fabricate tapes and other products from custom formulations for your company.

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