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Our rubber sealant acts as an adhesive that both bonds and protects different materials using rubber-based substances. For example, a rubber sealer can bind glass, paper, wood, plastic, rubber, steel, iron, and fabric. Rubber seal products can be applied to nearly any material, and once the seal dries, it typically can be peeled off quite easily without doing damage to most surfaces or substrates.

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Our Rubber Sealants

Rubber sealant caulk is one of our particularly popular sealants, which typically is used to seal gaps between two surfaces, such as roof cracks. Our Butyl rubber sealant caulk is known to have one of the strongest bonds, and is used to fill in cracks in bricks, concrete, and metal usually.

Another of our sealants is silicone rubber sealant. This kind of sealant typically is best for applications that require a weatherproof, watertight, flexible seals. It can usually withstand higher temperatures than most other types of rubber sealer, and does not shrink. It retains some elasticity throughout its lifetime, which means that it does not crumble or crack. It is usually best for sealing glass items.

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Standard, OEM and Custom Formulations

If you need standard rubber adhesive sealant formulations, OEM formulations, or custom formulae engineered for your sealants or adhesives, contact deVan Sealants. We meet or exceed all industry regulatory standards for standard or custom formulations for rubber sealants. We also provide MSDS Sheets and Technical Sheets on all formulations so their quality is guaranteed.

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