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St. Louis-based deVan Sealants manufactures a wide range of OEM, standardized and custom chemical formulations for Butyl flashing tape, other Butyl-based tapes, adhesives, sealants and commercial-grade products as well as other types of tapes (rubber, water-resistant tapes, industrial-grade, and additional chemical formulations). We are a primary manufacturer and we produce long-lasting tapes, weather-stripping tapes and sealants for a wide range of applications from construction and manufacturing to assembly and general repairs. Butyl flashing tapes are ideal for a wide range of applications from installing flashing over window air-conditioning units to roofing and general construction (weather-stripping on metal outbuildings, sheds, storage buildings, etc.) to servicing and repair businesses.

As a primary manufacturer, deVan Sealants maintains ISO 9001 certification standards at all times; and we strive to manufacture safe formulations. All of our formulations and products are available with MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheets) and general information on safe storage and usage. We manufacture a wide range of Butyl-based products with various standardized chemical formulations. We can also manufacture custom formulations to meet your company’s very specific business requirements (please ask about minimum production runs). Whether you choose OEM and standardized, or custom Butyl-based sealants or other chemical formulations to meet your needs, you can rely on durable products whenever you do business with deVan Sealants.

You may contact deVan Sealants direct in St. Louis for inventory-stock purchases of standardized products, or for information about our custom production services and formulations to meet your specific business needs.

Butyl Flashing Tape and Butyl-Based Tapes Offer You Versatility in Usage

Some of the many outstanding performance properties that you can generally expect from Butyl-based adhesives and tapes, Butyl flashing tape, Butyl mastic sealants, black mastic sealant tape, Butyl mastic caulk, putty, or Butyl hot melts include:

  • Durable bonds for applications in -40° C to +90° C temperature ranges
  • Long-lasting bonding of similar and dissimilar substrates (materials)
  • A sealant with durable adhesive properties regardless of the specific form of the Butyl-based product
  • An adhesive that is non-hardening that offers continued pliability
  • Butyl flashing tape and similar formulations retain elasticity
  • Excellent for applications where there is expected vibrations or even joint movement
  • Ideal for temporary or semi-permanent applications including weather-stripping for air conditioner or window flashing
  • Extremely versatile product with a wide range of uses
  • Solvent-free adhesive tape
  • No fumes from the tape

We also manufacture insulation tape, Butyl rubber tape and other formulations of rubber tapes, and other types of tapes, putty and sealants for OEM applications, construction, HVAC, refrigeration, assembly, manufacturing and repairs of all kinds. Let us know what your company’s requirements are for operations and we can assist you with OEM, standardized, specialty, and custom tapes for a wide range of uses.

Butyl Flashing Tape Are Ideal for Many Weather-Stripping Applications

If your company needs Butyl flashing tape or another type of Butyl adhesive tape, then be sure to discuss your product requirements with deVan Sealants. We manufacture a range of OEM, standardized, and customer formulations for tapes, putty and caulk. It is quite likely we already produce tape(s) for your current or a similar application. We can custom-formulate Butyl-based products, adhesives, sealants and tapes for specific applications. There are of course many different Butyl-based formulations and ways to deliver a product for use. A few other examples include Black mastic sealant tape, Butyl-based caulks, general butyl mastic sealants, hot melt mastics, mastic putty and as sealants.

Just a few of the industrial applications for Butyl flashing tape products include many diverse industries and market sectors from manufacturing to repairs including the following:

  • Agribusiness applications and equipment repairs, flashing for outbuildings and storage sheds, etc.
  • Automotive weather-stripping applications, trim around glass and windshields; various liner sealant applications; various uses on trailers and RVs for instance
  • General construction applications including installing flashing on windows, for window air-conditioning units, over windows, doors, vents or other areas where you need to channel water away from openings—weather stripping sealant where applicable
  • Ducting sealant (general construction, HVAC installations particularly for flashing applications and repair applications)
  • HVAC installation and repair applications; flashing for window air conditioners and fans
  • General manufacturing and product assembly applications
  • Mobil home sealant applications particularly for window flashing, vent covers, awnings, etc.
  • Refrigeration, freezers, commercial-grade coolers, display units, etc.—manufacturing, assembly and repair applications
  • Roofing, installing flashing on roof ventilation openings, possibly gutter guards, duct openings, cladding, etc.
  • Weather-stripping and installing flashing on outbuildings and sheds (general seals and weatherproofing)
  • Window frame sealants, glass trim and weather stripping; installing flashing over windows, awnings and openings
  • Additional applications by market sector
  • Learn more about our industrial sealant/adhesive tape categories

Request a quote on Butyl flashing tape or schedule a consultation regarding custom formulations and manufacturing services by contacting deVan today. You may call deVan Sealants in St. Louis direct at 314-383-1941.


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