If you are in the automotive, construction, HVAC, manufacturing, industrial or any other assembly industry, you need deVan Sealants’ silicone sealant products to assemble and repair your assembled goods. Silicone sealants produced at deVan are especially useful in sealing automotive engines, with or without gaskets; and they give tight, weather-resistant seals to glass, metal, and ceramic surfaces.

The Versatility of Silicone Sealants

Silicone sealants are resistant to water, chemicals and temperature extremes. They are highly touted for their flexibility, durability, transparency, electrical and thermal conductivity, inertness, and outstanding performance. They are also known for their extraordinary versatility. They can bond materials together with enormous power or exceptional lightness, be designed for permanence or temporary adhesion. Whatever your application needs are, you can rely on silicone sealants from deVan Sealants.

Standard, OEM & Custom Silicone Sealant Formulations Available

As a B2B supplier of silicone adhesive products, we manufacture industry standard silicone formulations, such as silicone adhesives and tapes as well as Butyl sealants, adhesives, caulks, polyurethanes, urethanes, tapes, putty, hot melts, foams, and many other sealant products. In addition, if you need a special silicone rubber sealant, we can originate OEM and custom formulations per your specifications to meet your industrial application requirements.

We Guarantee Our Silicone Sealants

We are confident that our silicone products will meet your standards—because they meet industry-regulated standards. We guarantee these products can be used safely every day under normal temperatures and storage conditions. To ensure our silicone sealants do not precipitate health issues, such as eye irritations, we provide proper use and storage instructions. All our products created and manufactured at deVan Sealants are non-hazardous, non-toxic; and they are environmentally friendly under normal usage and storage conditions. We offer Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets on all formulations so their quality and safety are guaranteed. Let us be the supplier of the silicone sealant products that you need for your industry.


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