Urethane sealant products are used by every commercial industry. de Van Sealants is a leading manufacturer and producer of Urethane products and Urethane Sealants for the St. Louis metropolitan area, Midwest and throughout the USA. We create and produce standard formulations, OEM formulations and custom formulae for sealants, adhesives, tapes, caulks, butyls, foams, beads and other products used by manufacturing, automotive, HVAC, construction, assembly and a variety of other industries.

Urethanes & Polyurethanes

We have standard formulations, bulk and lot productions packaged and ready for delivery directly to your company. Some of the types of urethane products and other manufactured goods available direct for B2B shipment include:

  • General, OEM & custom urethane and polyurethane formulations
  • General, OEM & custom Butyl products, adhesives, tapes
  • General, OEM & custom silicone formulations for a wide range of businesses
  • Adhesive tapes, pumpable formulations, extrudable formulations, putty, foams, rolls; sealants for metals, wood, vinyl, aluminum; and other sealant products

Custom Urethane Formulations Capacity

All urethane & industrial products produced at deVan Sealants are non-hazardous and non-toxic–we never use asbestos or related compounds–under normal temperatures and storage conditions. Many products can bring on health issues (such as eye or skin irritations, etc.) if improperly used or stored, so we provide all necessary safety regulation information to B2B customers as required by local, state and government regulating entities. In addition, we offer Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets on all formulations. We take safety & quality control seriously by using industry-best practices for production, storage & shipment.

Urethane Products that Are Safe Under Normal Storage


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