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DeVan Sealants is widely known and highly respected as a manufacturer of commercial-grade Urethane Sealant products, Butyl products, adhesives, silicones and other industrial sealants. Located in Saint Louis, deVan Sealants is an industry leader in creating and producing standard formulations, OEM formulations and custom formulae for a variety of businesses in America — from automotive to assembly to construction to HVAC to manufacturing.

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Custom Formulation Capabilities

If you need custom formulae for a Urethane Sealant or general urethane sealants and other industrial products, we have onsite capabilities to develop and produce company-specific formulations to meet your requirements for industry, construction, manufacturing or product assembly. Our chemical development personnel will work hand in hand with your business to manufacture a product to the exact specification that fit your company’s individual needs.

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Business-to-Business Urethane Sealant Supply Company

We have standard formulations pre-produced, packaged and ready for delivery for all your company’s manufacturing or other uses. Some of the types of Urethane products and other manufactured goods available direct for B2B shipment include:

  • General, OEM and custom urethane formulations
  • General, OEM and custom Butyl products, adhesives, tapes
  • General, OEM and custom silicone formulations for a wide range of businesses
  • Adhesive tapes, pumpable formulations, extrudable formulations, putty, foams, rolls; sealants for metals, wood, vinyl, aluminum; and other sealant products

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Quality and Safety

Our quality products do not contain asbestos or related compounds; and are guaranteed to be safe. The Urethane Sealant products, silicones, Butyls and other formulations produced by deVan Sealants are non-toxic and non-hazardous under normal temperatures and storage conditions. All products and formulations have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Technical Sheets; and instructions on proper storage, use and safety (if personnel are exposed to the product) are included with each package. You can have peace of mind knowing our formulations meet or exceed federal, state or local laws and ordinances regulatory requirements.

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